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Free Consultation

Gagner Law offers a free one-hour consultation for all potential clients. Remember to bring any and all documentation you have to this initial meeting. This includes your traffic citation, incident report, and any documents you received at an arraignment hearing.

During your free consultation, Gagner Law will review the facts of your case, analyze applicable law, and suggest several lines of defense that you can pursue. Gagner Law vows never to make unrealistic promises just to secure your business. We will give an honest assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the Government’s case, and will offer sound advice on how to mitigate the damages of your situation.

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For many people, being accused of criminal activity is the most intimidating, difficult, and embarrassing life event imaginable. Choosing the right attorney can make the difference between this being a constructive experience versus a devastating experience. Gagner Law offers a free initial consultation so you can ask about our experience and credentials. Its absolutely critical that you trust your defense attorney, and that you feel assured you will be zealously represented. We are confident that Gagner Law provides the highest caliber of legal defense at a reasonable, competitive price.

Our fees vary depending on the facts of your arrest, the number of witnesses involved in the case, the jurisdiction where you were charged, and your overall criminal history. For example, some jurisdictions are known for making reduced offers for first time DUI offenders if their breath test falls within a certain range. Gagner Law will take this into consideration when we quote your fee. Similarly, if you have multiple prior convictions and you were involved in a three car accident with six civilian witnesses, fire department personnel and hospital staff, our quoted fees will be higher. During your initial consultation we will thoroughly discuss the facts of your case and the anticipated costs of representation. Our fees are always completely spelled out in the fee agreement.

Gagner Law accepts cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Amex.

Military Discounts

Gagner Law has several family members who served in the armed services, including a grandfather who served in World War II, a father who served his Country in Vietnam, and three uncles who served in Vietnam. We are acutely aware of the sacrifices our soldiers make every day in defending our collective freedom. As a token of our gratitude for those who serve in the Armed Forces, Gagner Law is committed to providing discounted legal fees to active and retired military personnel. Call now for a free consultation so we can discuss the discounted rates.