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Choosing an Attorney

Experience, dedication, and accessibility are the most important qualities in a criminal defense attorney. Every person charged with DUI has unique concerns (professional repercussions, family dynamics, financial strains, potential immigration consequences, etc.). It is crucial that you find an attorney you feel comfortable with, and who you trust will represent you zealously in Court. You need someone who understands the intricate nuances in the ever-changing area of DUI law, someone who is dedicated to meeting your specific needs, and someone who treats your case with the same care and concern as if you were a close family member.

With six years experience as a Prosecutor, Gagner Law has a unique perspective in defending your criminal case. Hiring a defense attorney who has experience on the “inside” is invaluable in helping to create a strong defense. Gagner Law has the insight needed to help negotiate the best resolution possible. Having worked across enemy lines for so long, we know exactly what to say to a Prosecutor to encourage a reduced offer. If the Government refuses to negotiate reasonably, Gagner Law knows how to attack each and every piece of evidence the Prosecution plans to bring forward at trial. Very few attorneys can say they’ve spent literally thousands of hours inside a courtroom. Even fewer attorneys can say they’ve litigated fifty jury trials.

Not only does Gagner Law have the necessary experience to defend your criminal case, we also have the fervent dedication and commitment you want from someone handling such a critical matter in your life. We take the time to learn what issues are most important for you when resolving your case. For some people, this means a reduced jail sentence, for others it may mean mitigating employment consequences. We will tailor our stategy and tactics to make sure we meet your unique needs.

At Gagner Law, we pride ourselves on being accessible to our clients. Our phones do not shut down at 5pm, and most weekends we are still busy investigating your case. We intentionally keep our caseload small so we can better serve our existing clients. Generally, the biggest complaint clients have about their high-priced, large firm attorney is that he or she is difficult to reach. Gagner Law is accessible by phone and by email, seven days a week. If we plan to be away from the office for an extended period of time, we will be sure to let you know in advance. We treat our clients like close friends and family – not just case numbers.

Gagner Law is the right choice for your criminal case. We have the experience needed to zealously defend against the Government’s accusations. We are dedicated to serving your unique goals and we are committed to open and accessible communication with all of our clients.

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